07 May 2014

5 Safety Tips for Hosting the Perfect Pool Party

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Nothing screams summer quite like throwing a pool party. People of all ages love to see and be seen and pool parties are almost guaranteed to be memorable occasions. However, hosting a pool party can present some safety issues. If you are planning to host a party in your own pool, here are five safety tips for ensuring that the party gets into full swing.

#1. Skim The Pool’s Surface

Prior to hosting the party, you should diligently skim the surface of the pool using a skimmer. This removes floating debris such as leaves, twigs and other materials such as trash. Skimming will give your guests a safer environment during the pool party. It is especially important to remove errant items such as foil or yarn that could cause cuts or entanglements when your guests arrive.

#2. Vacuum The Pool

Skimming only removes debris floating on the surface of the pool. Other debris may have sunk or fallen to the bottom. In the case of stray screws or nails, these could cut peoples’ feet as they stand in the pool. To remove these items and ensure that the bottom of your pool is clean, be sure to vacuum the pool. Use a manual vacuum and simply move back and forth systematically as you would to clean a carpeted floor with a regular vacuum cleaner.

#3. Inspect Your Filter

Whichever type of pool filter you use, the manufacturer’s guidelines must be followed when it comes to maintenance. Prior to the party, you must ensure that the safety covers are locked in place so that guests cannot be injured by the filter mechanism. Throwing a pool party in CT will be much safer if you follow the maintenance and cleaning schedule for your pool filter as advised by the system’s manufacturer.

#4. Display Warning Signs

Getting sued isn’t a pleasant scenario to consider but you or the owner of the pool will inevitably face legal action if someone is injured at your pool party. A common scenario is a drunken guest diving into the shallow end of a pool and suffering an injury as a result. It may not be your fault but you will have to accept legal responsibility. Fortunately, it is easy to protect yourself against legal action. Simply create and display a number of large, highly visible signs. These should state the depth of the pool and include the word ‘Warning’. Display them prominently around your pool and take photographs of your handiwork in case an accident occurs. Accidents may not be your fault, but you can avoid a lawsuit with the correct signage.

#5. Consider Renting Safety Matting

However much fun pool parties may be, alcohol and slippery surfaces aren’t a good combination. While your pool may have non-slip surfacing around its perimeter, you can never be too careful. Many rental firms offer safety matting you can hire and lay down around your pool. This allows everyone to have fun without worrying about slipping over.


These five safety tips should help any pool owner throw a fun, safe pool party this summer. Do you have any pool safety tips? Leave us a comment below!


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