16 May 2014

5 Safety Tips for a Worry-Free Pool Party

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According to economist Steven D. Levitt and writer Stephen J. Dubner, authors of Freakonomics, families with young children, a swimming pool and a firearm on the premises are statistically 100 times more likely to lose their child in a drowning accident than a shooting accident. This statistic simply highlights that fact that gun accidents are attention grabbing while drownings are silent and un-newsworthy, thus distorting our perceptions of danger. As pool parties typically involve the consumption of alcohol in close proximity to water, safety should be at the forefront of anyone’s mind during the planning stages. Here are five safety tips for a worry-free pool party.

#1. Have The Pool Professionally Cleaned

Guests at your pool party won’t be that vigilant, especially after drinking large amounts of alcohol. The most pressing safety concern is that there are no sharp objects or surfaces in or around your pool. Professional pool cleaning services will vacuum the bottom of your pool, skim the surface and inspect the condition of your pool. This is especially important if you have a tiled pool as broken or cracked tiles may present a safety hazard.

#2. Check The Balance Of Your Water

Some homeowners go to pool school, a training course run by some pool companies. They learn how to handle their own pool chemicals. This saves money compared with hiring professionals and will help your pool last longer. Checking the balance of your water will ensure that your levels of chemicals are just right. Having the wrong strength of certain chemicals such as chlorine may cause an allergic reaction for some of your guests.

#3. Use Non-Slip Matting Around Your Pool

Your guests are bound to become raucous, especially after a few drinks. Slipping is a real concern even when people are sober, so alcohol only increases the likelihood that injuries will occur. For peace of mind, consider buying or renting non-slip matting. Use this around your pool to give your guests safe access to the pool.

#4. Display Warning Signs

While your first worry will be for the safety of your guests, a secondary worry is that someone who is injured may try to sue you for negligence. However unfair this may seem, if it’s your pool, you will be held responsible for the accident if it can be proven that you knew about a fault but didn’t give fair warning. Making temporary signs costs next to nothing and will let you have a worry free party. Be sure to take photos or videos of your handiwork in place to prove that you gave your guests fair warning should an accident happen.

#5. Get Your Filter Serviced

A broken or unmaintained pool filter may cause an accident or injury. A loose skimmer basket or filter cover can scratch, cut or entangle a guest. Contact a swimming pool company in CT to get your pool filter serviced before your party.


These five tips should help anyone enjoy a worry-free pool party. What do you think of our tips? What precautions have you taken in the past when planning a pool party? Let us know in the comments below!


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