22 Oct 2014

5 Summer Swimming Pool Maintenance Projects You Should Tackle

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Owning a pool can be fun, but it also brings some responsibilities to the pool owner. The swimming pool has to be kept in top shape. Maintaining a pool can take a lot of time and effort. So what better time of the year for the pool to undergo maintenance projects than the summer season? Here are some pool maintenance projects to do in the summer:

Leak detection and repair

Is your pool leaking? In order to be sure, you might want to consider asking a pool inspector to come over. Although, there are certain tips that can make anyone think the pool has a leak. First, one has to deal with the obvious. He must look for any apparent leakage within his pool system. Next, he should also look for moisture around the pool – moisture that is not in its right place. Wet soil as well as eroding soil is some clues that tell there is probably a leak somewhere. Marking the water line with a tape and then checking the water level if it has receded can also be another tip in determining if there is a leak. If a leak has been found, it has to be repaired as soon as possible.

Pool system upgrade

Perhaps your swimming pool is one that has been built around a decade or two ago. If that is a case then you have an old pool in your hands and you might want to consider an upgrade. Pool systems can benefit a lot from a modern upgrade project. Perhaps you are interested in having your pool automated. Automating your pool can save you a lot of energy in maintaining your pool.

You would not even have to break a sweat with the new automation controls that can be added to your pool system. New parts such as chlorine feeders, for example, can be installed as well. Upgrading your pool cannot only ensure efficiency but it can also help reduce your water and energy consumption.

Pool chlorination

The summer season is a great time to spend most of your days using the pool with friends and family. It would only be wise to ensure that your pool is safe and free from bacteria. You do not want yourself, your family, or your friends to suffer from medical conditions just by swimming in your dirty pool, do you? You can consider traditional chlorination or you can go for the more skin-friendly salt water chlorination. Shocking can also be conducted to ensure that the pool is bacteria free. The process of chlorination does not usually last longer than an hour on a regular-sized pool.

Pool accessories

Summer would also be a great time to consider purchasing and installing pool accessories. Perhaps you are interested in adding very useful features such as slides, ladders, grab bars, and diving planks. You might also be interested in beautifying accessories like water fountains, waterfalls, or in-pool chairs and tables. It’s better install these things as early as possible so that they can be enjoyed throughout the entire summer season!

Do you have time for pool projects this coming summer? Contact Aqua Right Pools today! We ensure the ultimate swimming pool cleanliness and offer numerous other services to make your pool usage an enjoyable experience.


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