07 May 2014

7 Essential Tips for Keeping Your Tiled Pool Clean Throughout the Summer

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All swimming pools are different and so are the cleaning techniques required to keep them in optimum condition throughout a typical summer. This article looks at pools with tiled sides, not vinyl or fiberglass pools. Here are seven essential tips for keeping any tiled pool clean throughout the summer.

#1. Use The Cover

As summer approaches, many pool owners tire of constantly retracting and replacing the cover before and after every swim. Any swimming pool will remain far cleaner if it is covered when not in use. Pool covers greatly minimize the amount of debris that enters the pool water.

#2. Skim The Surface

Skimming the surface of your swimming pool will keep it far cleaner during the summer months. Use a skimmer every morning if possible to remove physical dirt and debris from the water’s surface. Although some owners balk at the idea of skimming every day, it helps keep the pool cleaner and reduces the need for other types of time intensive cleaning. For example, if debris is left for a few days on the pool’s surface, it will sink and prove far harder to vacuum off the bottom of the pool.

#3. Clean The Filter Baskets

The filter baskets will collect debris from the surface of the pool. Be sure to clean your filters regularly to keep your pool cleaner. The more debris in the skimmer, the less efficiently your pool’s filtration system will work. Cleaning a basket only takes a few minutes yet saves you much more time than you would otherwise have to spend skimming and vacuuming.

#4. Vacuum Once Per Week

If you are skimming every day, you’ll only need to vacuum the bottom of your pool once a week. This is because debris won’t have time to sink to the bottom of the pool. Using even a manual design pool vacuum won’t take that long if you skim the pool’s surface daily.

#5. Brush The Walls

Tiled pool walls should be brushed weekly with a soft brush to prevent scratching or affecting the grout. This prevents grime, dirt and algae from building up, especially if the pool is in regular use. Most people brush the walls after they have vacuumed.

#6. Enroll In Pool School

The best way to keep your tiled pool clean throughout the summer is to get properly trained in handling your own pool chemicals. Learning how to perform your own chemical maintenance will not only save you money but your pool will stay cleaner for longer, too. Surprisingly, improper use of cleaning chemicals causes 95 percent of all plaster problems in swimming pools. Enrolling in pool school will help you keep your pool cleaner during the long summer months.

#7. Follow Manufacturer Guidelines For Your Filter

Whether you have a cartridge, sand or diatomaceous earth pool filter, the manufacturer’s guidelines must be followed. Keeping a pool in CT clean over summer will be much easier if you follow maintenance and cleaning schedules.


These seven tips should help any pool owner keep their pool sparkling clean this summer. What do you think of our tips? What did we miss? Leave us a comment or question below!


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