22 Oct 2014

What Are The Benefits For Chlorinating The Pool?

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I’m sure that I am not the only one who thinks that the water in swimming pools feels and even tastes funny. Well, the reason for the difference between pool water and regular water is that pool water is mixed with chlorine. It has been more than a century since chlorine has been used for its two main benefits. First, it is a disinfectant, and second, it promotes sustainability.

Chlorinating the pool disinfects the water

For more than a century, chlorine has been cleaning pools and keeping them fit for swimming, bathing, and even wading. Chlorine is known to kill almost any kind of bacteria. It can also kill viruses and protozoa that are floating in the water. Chlorine has been effective in combating numerous kinds of diseases and health concerns associated with pools. Once chlorine is mixed with the swimming pool, the water becomes bacteria-free.

Do you know why pools are dangerous to swim in without chlorine? Well, whenever people get into the pool, they release sweat to the water. Of course, if they are wearing make-up, suntan lotion, or any other artificial substances applied to the body, these are mixed into the water as well. Also, there is the tendency for swimmers to leave saliva in the pool, and even fecal matter. Viruses can be spread in the water as well. These contaminants are capable of causing numerous health concerns including colds, skin rashes, and other complications. That is why chlorine is so important for a swimming pool!

Using chlorine for the swimming pool promotes sustainability

Chlorinating the swimming pool promotes sustainability. Why? Imagine if the pool is not being chlorinated regularly. It becomes dirty easily. Of course, nobody wants to bathe in a dirty pool. A person who does not chlorinate the water in his pool would have to replace it regularly. That is not advisable because that would be a waste of water – a very valuable resource. Also, one would not want to waste so much money on water usage just because he does not want to have his pool chlorinated. There are numerous other ways to clean the pool. But chlorination is greater than mist since it does not cost that much.

It is not all rosy though…

A chlorinated pool makes it safe for us to use it. But it should be noted that chlorine can cause a little harm as well. One should not open his eyes under a chlorinated pool. The use of goggles is advised. Also, in order to avoid skin irritation caused by chlorine, pool users must shower as soon as they get out of the chlorinated pool. Soap has to be used so that chlorine would be removed from the skin. Those who don’t shower after swimming usually suffers from skin irritation.

Also, during pool chlorination, the pool should not be used as the treatment process can cause hair whitening. As you can see, chlorine is safe to use in pools but there are still precautions that have to be followed to enjoy its maximum benefits.

Nobody wants a pool of dirty and unsafe water for swimming. That is why if you have a swimming pool, you should have it chlorinated regularly. Chlorination should be conducted depending on how often the swimming pool is used. If you need help with pool chlorination and other kinds of services needed for pool safety maintenance, you can always contact Aqua Right Pools.


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