23 Feb 2015

Want To Green Up Your Pool This Season?

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Summer and spring are the seasons that most people spend their time relaxing at the swimming pool because these months come with warm weather. Unfortunately, these are also the months when a swimming pool can consume a lot of energy. It could be related to heating the water, filtering the water, keeping the pool clean, and running the pump among other things.

This should not encourage you to abandon the pool. Instead, learn how to make the ways you maintain your swimming pool become more eco-friendly. Below are ways to help you keep the energy bills lower and at the same time, save the Earth’s valuable resources:


Keep vinyl and plastic toys at bay

It is important to ensure that the toys your kids are using around the pool are eco-friendly ones. You should note that toys made of vinyl and plastic can release toxins as well as off gas dangerous chemicals. Pool toys should be made from natural organic materials to ensure the safety of your children and to ensure that your pool is a greener place for everyone to play in.

Heating your pool the green way

Homes that are in desert areas may not need to heat their pools as often as those in cool areas. But there are times when you may want to heat the pool in the evenings and when you are planning on a party. It is prudent to consider having an alternate heating method. For instance, you can channel the sun’s energy to your pool to heat the water. Solar power is quite economical and always available, so take advantage of it.

Cleaning your pool without automated devices

Automatic devices are often used to operate in pools when it is not occupied. While they are great especially when it comes to keeping your pool clean when unoccupied, they are also known to add to your monthly energy bills. It is imperative to cut down on how the automatic devices are run. And you want to use less chlorine too. In this case, you should consider using other cleaners such as the ozone cleaners.

Investing in pool covers

While it is important to cut on energy bills especially by using automatic devices less, you cannot afford to do without a good pool cover. One thing you should know is that even the automatic pool covers will help you cut on energy bills and other unforeseen expenses. Apart from keeping your swimming pool cleaner from airborne, debris and leaves, they are also known to be superb solar covers and they will offer protection against unwanted swimmers or guests especially when you are not there. A good thing about these covers is that they come in very many different forms, so there will always be something for everyone.

At Aqua Right Pools, we can help you when it comes to greening up your swimming pool. We also offer our swimming pool service in Oxford, CT at affordable rates. Our experts will also offer professional advice when you want to make some changes to your pool. Contact us today for all your swimming pool maintenance needs!


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