27 Jun 2013

Green Pool? Watch Out For The Green Monster!

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Did your pool suddenly turn a swampy shade of green overnight? Many pool owners are flocking to the pool store with their water samples as we speak. This is because they have experienced an algae bloom in their pools. At Aqua Right Pools, we refer to algae blooms as green monsters.

This event is caused by a spike in environmental temperature and a lack of sufficient chlorine levels. It has been 90 degrees for the past week which eats up all of your chlorine and then results in a disturbance of the proper balance of pool chemicals. Unfortunately the guys at the pool store never seem to prescribe enough chlorine to resolve this and you can’t seem to get your chemicals right from there.

If you’re experiencing an algae bloom in Connecticut, give AquaRight Pools call (203) 233-2655

Chemistry and proper filtration is the key to getting your sparkling water back. If you have a green monster staring at you in your backyard, Aqua Right Pools will restore the perfect balance in your pool for the rest of the Summer!