19 Jun 2014

Things That Will Instantly Help You to Get More From Your Garden

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Gardens for many people end up going to waste. For half the year they’re too cold to spend much time in, and for the other half they’re too hot (and too full of wasps). Thus they often end up being essentially abandoned to become overgrown and forgotten, which is a real shame when you consider that this is a big part of your land and probably represents a large proportion of the value of your property.

The problem is that most of us assume we’re going to use a garden but don’t actually give ourselves much to do out there. We’d all like to spend more time outside, but when we lead busy lives it’s hard to justify sitting outside and soaking up rays. And when there are so many other fun activities on offer, it’s hard to see that as particularly exciting either.

If you want to make the most of your garden then, you need to create activities you can enjoy out there and you need to think about adding features that you’ll want and be able to use year round. Here are some options…

Patio Furniture


Most of us have patio furniture of some sort, but often this is located at the back of the garden where it’s hard to reach. Have your patio right by the back door instead then, and place a small table there that you can sit at. Now you’ll have somewhere you can spend time while you have your morning cup of tea, or when you just want to sit outside for a moment. Add a shelter and you’ll be able to sit outside in the rain too and you’ll instantly find yourself in the garden more.

Pool/Hot Tub

Adding a pool or a hot tub is surprisingly achievable even if you don’t have a huge budget. Try contacting local swimming pool companies and you’ll see it’s doable. Now you’ll have somewhere you can get exercise, relax after a hard day, and throw a party. When you have a pool or a hot tub you’ll be constantly looking for more reasons to get outside!

Office Pod

An office pod is essentially a small ‘shed’ like structure at the end of your garden. The difference though is that this space is designed for working in, and as such features a socket, a minimalist design, and a surface to work on. These also tend to let in a lot of light, which means you can work feeling as though you’re outside without worrying about things like wind and insects that normally present issues.


The garden is for the whole family and if you can find a way to encourage your children to spend more time out there then this will do a world of good for their health. A great way to encourage them to do just that is to add a swing to your garden, a trampoline, a climbing frame or a tree house. With a swing ball or a football goal you’ll be able to play with them too!


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