20 Feb 2015

Try These Pool Maintenance Tips Today For The Best Results!

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Having a pool in your own backyard is incredibly a glamorous idea because not only does it make it easy for you to host fun pool parties, it also allows you to adopt an invigorated fitness routine after work, and also gives you the opportunity to spend long afternoons lounging at the poolside. You can also get the perfect tan while you are at it. However, people forget the crucial element in making your pool ownership last – the maintenance. You should note that this wonderful investment requires proper maintenance so as to avoid having broken filters, algae buildup, green water and other safety issues wrecking your pool. Below are some of the important pool maintenance tips you need to give a try right now:


Skimming and scrubbing

The need to skim debris and leaves off the surface of your pool is simply a no brainer. If you want to have a truly pristine pool, then skimming should be done daily. A robot vacuum can also work wonders when cleaning the bottom of your pool for you. And to prevent algae building up on the sides of your pool, make sure that you scrub them at least once a week. You can also fill an old sock with chlorine and by allowing the sock to sit on the stubborn spots, the chlorine in it will definitely eat away the algae.

Learn how to winterize so as to prevent damage

You should note that both summer and winter are the crucial months for pool care. You don’t want to remove your pool cover during summer; you will find that it has a leak, it is full of debris and the water is full of bacteria. Take the right steps to winterize your pool because this will only save you lots of money and time on repairs for the next season. You can buy a testing kit to help you ensure that the chemicals are correctly balanced. You also want to invest in the auto pool covers to help you in keeping the pool free of debris and leaves, and also in protecting it from unwanted visitors. Today, these winter safety covers for swimming pools in CT come in different styles and the rates are quite affordable.

Schedule a service appointment

You also want to trust an expert especially when it comes to handling the mechanical equipment or repair. And because you may not have proper knowledge on pool maintenance, it is proper to schedule a regular service appointment. Before you call in the experts, you may want to take a thorough look at the swimming pool as a whole. You want to make sure that you inspect it for any leaks, unusual sounds coming from its mechanisms, holes in the linear and odd smells from the pool’s water, so that you can relay these bits of information when you make a call.

At Aqua Right Pools, we are dedicated to keeping your swimming pool water clean and safe for you to enjoy all types of activities in it. We offer quality pool repair, maintenance services and more. If you are looking for a quality swimming pool service, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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