28 Aug 2013

Need A Professional to Close Your Pool For The Season?

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Professional pool closings $299

Professional pool closings $299

Pool season in Connecticut is coming to a close and CT residents are already thinking about swimming in it next year! If you want peace of mind throughout the winter and an easy opening next spring/summer, have the professionals at Aqua Right Pools do the job.

It requires more than a thorough cleaning to get it right. You must add the proper chemicals for your specific volume of water and most importantly, you have to make sure the lines coming in and going out of the pool have no water in them so the pipes can withstand the cold long months of winter. If closed incorrectly, your pipes can burst underground and cost thousands to repair when you open next year, not to mention you might find a swampy green mess as well. Who needs that stress?

If there is one pool service you should pay for, it is definitely the Fall closing! We are offering a special rate for pool closings at $299. Between what you’ll spend on closing chemicals and time for labor, it really makes sense to hire a pro for your closing.

You can reach Aqua Right at 203-233-2655 and we will ensure that next year’s pool season kicks off with ease and excitement.