22 Jul 2014

Are You Staying On Top Of Your Swimming Pool Maintenance Tasks?

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As more and more homeowners have swimming pools installed within their properties, propagation of pool maintenance tips has been more important than ever. With the installation of a swimming pool comes the responsibility to have it properly maintained. Suppose you are a swimming pool owner yourself. The question for you is this, “Are you staying on top of your swimming pool maintenance tasks?” Well, you should be. Check out the following tips on how to maintain your pool:

Sanitize your pool – It is very important to sanitize your pool. You can do this at least once every two days especially if your pool is being used every day. Chlorine products, which are usually available in tablet forms, can help a lot in killing all those nasty bacteria lurking in your pool. These ‘chlorine tablets’ work as they are inserted into the distribution containers situated beside the pump and filter system. Sanitizing your pool can help prevent the spread of disease to all those who are using it.

Prevent algae build-up – Where there is water, there is always a chance for algae to grow. And algae easily grow within the walls of the pool no matter if it is used regularly or not. Algae can make the pool smell bad as well as cause skin irritations. They can upset the stomach if accidentally swallowed. Since algae build up so fast, it is important to prevent them from accumulating. A product to use for that would be algae preventative products.

Have your filter system cleaned – The filter system is responsible for keeping the pool clean from all the bacteria and nasty elements that you might encounter once you swim in it. Without it, pools would surely be disgusting to swim in. But the problem is that filter systems also have to be cleaned once in a while. They should be cleaned in order to maintain their efficiency. You have to know the type of filter system your pool has, familiarize yourself with it, and know how you can clean it.

Shock your swimming pool – Whether your swimming pool is daily used or not, it is advised to have it shocked at least once a week. Shocking your pool prevents waste build up in the pool. In a publication coming from the Centers for Disease Control, scientists have found out that every person brings about .14 grams of fecal matter into the pool. Knowing that fact should definitely motivate you to have your swimming pool shocked as advised – even more than once a week if you know your pool is used by a lot of people.

These are just some very short but useful tips on how you can maintain your pool. Remember, it is very important to take these precautions in cleaning your pool not only for aesthetic benefits but for health purposes as well. You would want the best health condition for everyone who uses your pool. If you need help in maintaining your pool and making sure that it is safe to use on a regular basis, contact AquaRight Pools.


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