19 Jun 2014

Why Swimming is the Very Best Form of CV

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Looking for a way to burn calories and improve your physical fitness? Then getting a swimming pool might just be the best move you ever make. Swimming has long been known to be one of the best tools you can use to get into shape, but chances are you may still not realise just how good it is for completely transforming the body and for getting you the results you want. Read on and we’ll look at why swimming is better than nearly any other form of CV.

The Goals of Training

While different people have different goals with their training, it’s generally safe to say that the majority of people will be aiming to improve their physical appearance as well as their physical ability when it comes to various activities and sports. For all these things, the general aim is the same then: body recomposition. This effectively means aiming to build muscle while at the same time burning fat in order to alter the composition of your body.

Simply focussing on weight loss is a mistake, and so too is focussing on muscle building. Add muscle without burning fat and you’ll be bulky, look flabby and struggle with a range of physical challenges. On the other hand though, focus purely on fat burning and you’ll find you lose less weight than if you’d used some resistance training as well and you’ll risk being physically weak. Great abs require a low body fat percentage and firm muscles that will be visible through your upper layers of flesh.

The problem is that most forms of training will focus on one area or the other. And in fact, adding CV to your weightlifting routine can offer result in the loss of muscle (studies have backed this up).

Swimming is the Answer

As it happens though, swimming is the answer. Why is that? Simply because swimming is a form of CV that also offers resistance against the rest of your body. This means that you’ll be strengthening muscle while you exercise, which tells the body to maintain the muscle you’ve worked so hard for.

Meanwhile, because you’re building muscle throughout your body with your swimming, that then means that your whole system will have to work harder to maintain this new muscle mass. What that results in is a higher resting metabolic rate so that you’ll then be burning more fat at all times. Furthermore, swimming uses almost every muscle in the body, which in turn means you’ll get a stronger hormonal response than you would with many other forms of training even.

On top of this swimming also has many other benefits. Being in the pool will require you to use all your limbs which improves your fine muscle control, your awareness of your body in space (kinaesthetic awareness) and your flexibility and balance.

On top of this, swimming is zero impact and not at all weight bearing, which means you won’t strain your joints and can use it even in old age. There really is no down side to this form of fitness training!


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