23 Dec 2014

Swimming Pool Accident Litigation: The Role Of Swimming Pool Covers

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If you own a pool for commercial reasons such as when you own a hotel with a swimming pool, it is important that you recognize and prevent any pool-related accidents that might result in litigation proceedings against you. The reason for this is that the cost of such proceedings is often very high, particularly in the case of death or other serious injury that might result from it. The only way to avoid such accidents would be to put in place measures that mitigate against this risk. One of the most important of these would be to install a pool cover to regulate access to the pool.

Why you need to invest in protective mechanisms for your pool

The cost of such proceedings can be exceedingly high, and this may end up costing your business a lot of money. In addition to that, it may also end up damaging the reputation of the business a great deal. Compared to the cost you will incur when you end up being the victim of such a lawsuit, the cost of making the changes necessary to prevent them is minimal. This means that from a logical and economic perspective, ensuring that your pool has the right protective mechanisms is actually a very good idea. It saves you the money and the effort needed to handle such incidences.

Top considerations to make

If you are keen on avoiding lawsuits on account of pool accidents, there are a few important details you should always keep in mind. Some of these include:

• Make sure your pool cover is designed to be foolproof. This essentially means that not only should it be of high quality, but that it should also be constructed properly as well. You should take the time to find out more about the different covers out there so that you can find the best.

• Have policies to reduce the risk of pool related injury. These include making sure that the pool is always manned by a life guard. If not, you should make sure that the pool is covered completely so that people don’t end up drowning.

• Have clear relevant signs indicating some of the safety protocols you need the people using the pool to follow. For instance, if you have a kiddie pool in the premises, you can make it a policy to ensure that every child who uses it is accompanied by an adult. The sign indicating this should be prominently displayed around the pool.

Seeking help when making a decision to buy a pool cover

All in all, buying a high quality pool cover goes a long way in helping you minimize the risk of litigation as a commercial pool owner. However, it’s important that you also remember that different types of pool covers will have different levels of quality. To ensure that you provide the most security, it would be wise to pick one carefully. If you are not familiar with these products, you can always seek help from the vendor you intend to buy from. If they are of high quality, they are likely to be a very good resource for information to help you make the right decision.


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