22 Aug 2014

Top 3 Factors That Can Deny Pool Owners From Owning A Clean And Safe Pool

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Swimming in a pool of cool water can help you get rid of body heat and help you hone your swimming skills. It is also a good form of exercise and an ideal activity for most people who wish to spend their time in a productive manner. Homeowners, who own a swimming pool in their own backyard, must learn how to take care of it properly. Otherwise, the pool can quickly become dirty, making it unhygienic to swim in. Furthermore, owners may need to handle algae or moss growth and they are really bothersome to deal with. Engaging in weekly maintenance services can help prevent such occurrences. Every pool owner needs to know what causes their pool to become dirty, and below are the three common factors:

Having the wrong pH levels

Experts recommend that private pool owners make the effort to monitor the water’s pH levels. The scale can be used to determine if the water is too acidic. If the pH levels are different from the recommended levels, it can have harmful effect on your body as well as the pool itself. Try to maintain the levels between 7.2 and 7.8. These are considered as the safest levels. Allowing the pH levels to exceed 7.8, the chlorine and other disinfectants stop working effectively.

Some people may suffer side effects from burning red eyes, and the solution to that is to keep the water’s pH levels between 7.2 and 7.4. That’s the actual pH of our eyes, and the aforementioned side effects will be kept to a minimal.

Algae growth can make your pool look unsightly

Algae cause a pool to turn green and it is very uninviting when someone wants to swim in the swimming pool. The only way to deal with it, is to remove the algae altogether. Firstly, you may need to vacuum all the waste or extra sediment out of the pool. Secondly, you got to brush down all the walls, ladders and steps of your pool. Brushing is a vital step to loosen the algae and get it back into the water so that the reaction with chlorine can take effect. Thirdly, test the water to check if it’s in the right pH level. Lastly, remember to shock your pool in the later part of the day, when there is no sun.

Using the wrong cleaning chemicals or solutions, affects the quality of your water

Chemicals, such as chlorine, are used to destroy any dangerous pathogens that may thrive in your pool. If the water is left untreated, bacteria will multiply and diseases can be passed on from one person to another via microorganisms. Water with the wrong chemical balance is also dangerous as it tends to irritate our eyes or skin. Gaining exposure to the aforementioned could be detrimental to oneself in the long run. Hence, only use the products that are safe and recommended by professionals.

Not everyone have the time and energy to maintain their own pools. With a professional swimming pool service, you can benefit from convenience as cleaning and maintenance is now hassle-free for you.


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