22 Jul 2014

Top 4 Reasons Why Automatic Swimming Pool Covers Are Trending

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As swimming pool installation services become more affordable, more and more homeowners are having pools installed within their property. And a lot of pool owners, if not all, know how important it is to have a pool cover for their pool. Just about everyone find automatic pool covers beneficial. Have you ever wondered why automatic swimming pool covers are trending nowadays?


They offer safety for all pool users

The top reason why automatic swimming pool covers are very popular is that they offer safety for everyone. There are a lot of people who drown every year because of uncovered pools. In the United States alone, as many as nine people die because of drowning for the past several years. And a huge percentage of these drowning incidents occur in both private and public pools.  What swimming pool covers basically do is that they prevent anyone from falling into the water and eventually drowning in it. Having a pool within your property creates the need for pool covers to be installed especially if there are very young members of the household.

They help save a lot of energy

Putting safety aside, another good reason why swimming pool covers are trending is that they help save a lot of energy. Who does not want to be able to save energy especially during the summer season when electricity costs usually reach up to more than the average rates? Covers help reduce evaporation and that makes pools stay at very comfy temperatures for a longer time. Another good thing that covers contribute in saving electricity is that they reduce the amount of time that the circulation system runs. And as operating hours are reduced, it is very possible for equipment to last longer.

They have maintained their efficiency

Automatic swimming pool covers have been around for a while. Even if some people think that these are unnecessary, it is without a doubt that pool covers are very efficient if one would study their benefits more closely. Yes, it is true that through time, swimming pool covers have become available in more colors and designs. There have been changes in motor technology and track systems. But they are still those reliable features that make swimming pool areas a lot safer for everyone. Changes just made the covers better in function as well as better when it comes to aesthetics.

They are more affordable than you think

One of the issues that swimming pool covers are facing is that they are branded as ridiculously expensive. Prices for these features would, of course, depend on which provider you get it from and what product being used. Costs could even increase for very tricky applications. But in reality, automatic swimming pool covers have become more and more affordable in the recent years. Do not be alarmed by that because they have still maintained their efficient quality, as mentioned earlier. All you need to do to spend less on swimming pool cover installation is to look for a very good provider.

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