22 Jan 2015

Top 5 Swimming Pool Filter System Issues

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Just when you thought your pool is problem free, you come face to face with some really nasty filter issues. No matter the kind of swimming pool filtering system you have – cartridge, diatomaceous earth (DE) or sand, some sort of repair or maintenance is required to keep it operating in a tip-top condition. Here are some common swimming pool filter system problems to watch out for.


• The filtering system requires too much backwashing or cleaning

The duration of time between different cleaning seasons when it comes to pool filter system is referred to as filter cycle. If a brand new filter is installed in place of an old one, it is expected to run for 30 days between cleanings. But as time goes on, the filter media may it be DE powder, the filter cartridge or sand filter clogs up or breaks down. Deterioration of a pool filter media may indicate it is time to have it changed. So if you find yourself having to backwash the filtering system every other week, chances are that you need to replace the media. The assumption here is that the filter is correctly sized and installed.

• Too much filter media is finding its way into the swimming pool

If the too much filter media is finding its way into your pool, then this is a clear indication that you have a broken filter standpipe or lateral pipe. A small amount of filter media coming into the pool after a backwashing procedure is not a problem to worry about. But a continuous stream of the stuff indicates an internal filter issue. The most common in this case is a tear in the fabric of the de filter grid. A crack in the manifold which the grids connect into can cause filtering media finding its way into the pool. Or one of the through-bolts that hold the assembly becoming lose and the resultant void allowing the filter media to pass through into the tank and then into the pool.

• The filter is not keeping the pool water clear or clean

The pool’s water not being clean and clear may be brought about by a number of things. The pumping system may have been running throughout the day or the sanitizer’s level being incorrect. If the pump and skimmer baskets are dirty, then the water won’t be kept clean and clear. The water might also be chemically unbalanced. If all these aren’t the issue, then the filter media may need to be replaced.

• A leaking filter system

Common leaks happen at the belly band on the split tank kind of a filter. Drain plugs are also a common cause filter system leakages. If there is a hole on the tank, then have the filtering system changed. Most filters however ooze and drip a little. Too much dripping however signify a major issue with the whole filter system.

• Too high or low filter pressure

Although the pool filter pressure gauges are known to fail from time to time, they should return to zero when the pump shuts off. If the pressure is too low, this is a clear indication that there is an obstruction before the filter. The pump impeller or pump basket in this case needs to be checked. If the pressure is too high, then this indicates that there is a blockage beyond or at the pool filter.

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