21 Nov 2014

How To Troubleshoot Pool Problems

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Needless to say, a pool can provide great fun and comfort during hot summer days. In some cases, homeowners add in pool heating systems, so that they can enjoy their pool even in colder seasons. However, in order to prevent the spread of diseases in the water and get the most out of it, the pool needs to be checked for problems periodically. There are some pool problems which might appear after a while and it is a good idea to analyze them as soon as possible and come up with a solution. Here is what you should do if you encounter pool issues.

The filter has one or more leaks

This problem needs to be addressed immediately. Luckily, homeowners can quickly facilitate in solving this problem. All that they need to do is to tighten or even replace the air relief valve if it is too damaged. However, if this doesn’t solve the problem then the O-ring might be damaged and it needs replacement. This is a more complicated job and it requires the help of professionals. In a similar fashion, the specialists might also inspect the entire plumbing system and fix any damage that might be encountered.

The pool light doesn’t work properly


This is another common problem. If the light doesn’t work properly then the homeowner should check the circuit breaker for faults. Usually this is the main cause of the problem. If this doesn’t fix it then homeowners should check the GFCI outlet and reset it if it is necessary. Similarly, the help of the professionals should be neglected. They might also replace the power relay if the pool light is tied up in a computer system and hopefully, the light will work just fine afterwards.

The filter has low pressure and the water doesn’t move as it should

If the filter of the pool doesn’t have enough pressure then homeowners might want to check the baskets and empty them if it is necessary. Also, homeowners should check the water level and if it is too low then they need to add more water. In most cases, these solutions will fix this problem. However, if the issue is not eliminated then the professionals can lend a helping hand. They can inspect the blade in the skimmer and see if it is stuck somehow. Well, if it is required, they can replace this blade and the filter will work properly afterwards. Also, the specialists can check for air leaks in the suction side of the pump and fix them with little to no effort.

The pump is leaky

Not only can the filter have leaks, but the pump too. Still, this is not the end of the world, homeowners should just remove and clean the O-ring as well as securing the pump lid and this problem will be eliminated. In the case this solution is not efficient then the professionals can inspect the plumbing system and find out if there are any leaks.

If you have encountered the aforementioned pool problems and want professional help from swimming pool companies, do give us a call today and let us solve your pool problems for good!


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